Investing with tomes homes

We are continuing to purchase new blocks of flats in Kent that will be refurbished to the high quality tomes homes standard, and then become part of the great homes to rent in the communities we operate in. 

We currently have capacity to take on additional investment to facilitate the next stage of growth, so that we can:  

  • Keep striving towards the Vision of Making Renting Better than Owning
  • Add value & give back to the communities we operate in
  • Make a positive difference to the Private Rented Sector in the UK
  • Continue to serve both our existing and new investment partners with a values-driven way to make great returns

Understanding how to succesfully buy and manage blocks of flats is a very specific investment niche, and by choosing to only focus in this area we have learnt how to successfully navigate the various complexities of this market. 

But it is really thanks to our amazing investment partners that we have been able to provide nearly 50 great quality homes to the private rental market so far. For their part in making the tomes homes Vision a reality, this small pool of investors have received great returns along the way.

If this is something that sounds interesting, we would love to hear from you. 

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