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Our vision: make renting better than owning 

Over recent years, more and more people are choosing to rent rather than own their homes, but more often than not their biggest worry is whether they will end up with a good landlord.

So it is our mission at Tomes Homes to raise the industry standard for our tenants and make their happiness our priority. We endeavour to put our tenants at the forefront of everything we do; when you live in a ‘Tomes Home’, we promise to provide you with not only a top-quality home, but also a top-quality service.

What can you expect as a Tomes Homes Tenant?

  • A slick move-in process: from the moment you apply for a property right until you have moved in, we promise a personable and efficient service which will mean no waiting around and wasted time for you. Once a tenancy has been agreed, you will usually be able to move into the property within just one week.
  • A stress-free home: with a Tomes Home, you can have the peace of mind that you won’t have to worry should a problem arise or wait for months for it to be resolved. As soon as you have contacted a team member, you can be assured that all works will be carried out to a quality standard and within a timely manner.
  • Easy contact with just a click of a button: all tenants are invited to join our property management app which will enable you to quickly access your tenancy documents and report any issues without having to worry about calling or sending an email.
  • A personable service: when you join us as a tenant, you become part of the Tomes Homes Family and you won’t just be a faceless name on a system. Our small team takes time to get to know all of our tenants and, when possible, you will only ever have to deal with one team member.
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Values we live by

Too often, company values are just corporate hot air. 

Not here!

We are small enough for our Values to run through everything we do.

Through every action we take. Through every member of the Team.

These are the values that we live and breathe in all that we do... and you can hold us to that.


We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it

Problem Solvers

We are proactive and take initiative to solve problems 


We do right by others whether they know it or not


We are kind & respectful; always acting for each other's mutual benefit 


We strive to be the best, making things work when others would simply give up  

About tomeshomes

We are a family property business based in Belvedere, Erith & Thanet, Kent, and pride ourselves on providing hassle-free homes for the private rental sector. 

When you rent through us you are direct with the property owner, so you don't have to worry about going through a 3rd party lettings agency. You can also rest assured that we care as much about your home as you do so we take swift action to ensure any maintenance issues are dealt with.

In the areas that we operate in, we find that there is a lack of good quality rental accommodation available, and not only that but the service that you receive when trying to rent one of these properties doesn't give the wow factor. 

With tomes homes we welcome you to a new way of renting, where you receive a great property AND are treated like you deserve to be - like a customer.

Welcome to the family!

Team tomeshomes.

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What our tenants say

Tomes Homes Testimonial
Tomes Homes Testimonial
Tomes Homes Testimonial
Tomes Homes Testimonial

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