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Property Deals

You need to ensure that you are purchasing great properties in great areas that will always be a high performing addition to your investment portfolio.

Portfolio Management

The tenants and properties will need to be looked after, with efficient systems in place to ensure that any problems or maintenance issues are dealt with quickly and that you remain legally compliant at all times.

Investment Optimisation

Once your portfolio is up and running, you will need systems in place to oversee the finances and regularly report on the investment, giving you the power to continually review and optimise performance.

Covering all the bases of a truly Hands-Free Portfolio

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Fully Managed end-to-end service

We look after every single element of building up & managing your property portfolio, including:​

Deal Sourcing

Finding, analysing, filtering & offering on great investment properties that make you a great return on your investment from the moment the purchase has completed.

Acquisition Support

The entire acquisitions process managed for you: we liaise with Solicitors, Mortgage Brokers and Estate Agents in order to push the purchase process through to completion on your behalf.

Top Quality Team

Access our power team of top-quality Solicitors and Brokers who have proven over many years and purchases that they can be relied upon.


A proven build team to project manage any refurbishment works that are required, ensuring the project comes in on budget and on time.


Our in-house lettings team will find you a top-quality tenant, negotiate a great rent, and carry out all due diligence & referencing to make sure that they have been fully assessed for suitability.

Portfolio Management

Ensuring maintenance issues are dealt with swiftly, the tenant is always looked after and that rents are collected on time.

Investment Optimisation

In-house bookkeeping team keeping on top of your property accounts & providing detailed monthly reports, so that you can easily keep an eye on how your property investments are performing.

Great Property Deals


Deal Sourcing

We pride ourselves on never offering our investors a deal that we wouldn’t be happy to purchase ourselves. To achieve this consistent level of great deals, our Sourcing & Acquisitions team have developed excellent vendor and agent relations across Thanet, ensuring that we are alerted to new deals, often before they have been put on the open market. 


Analysis & Negotiation

An efficient due diligence process encompasses comprehensive deal analysis so that we can quickly move from viewing to first offer within a matter of days. We then use our proven negotiation strategies to ensure that every deal is secured at a great price.


Acquisition Support

The acquisition process can be a painful thing! but through our years of experience we are well versed in every element of the acquisition process and will be there to look after you every step of the way.



Our trusted build team have proven themselves time and time again to be reliable, consistent, top quality and reasonably priced.

Portfolio Management Strategy

Efficient Tenanting

For us, tenanting isn’t just about filling an empty property, but finding the right tenant for us and our investors; someone that fits in with our values and that will want to stay in one of our properties for the long-term. With our tried and tested tenant find processes, we are able to efficiently find the right for you whilst also keeping void periods down to a minimum.

Portfolio & Asset Management

From the day the tenants move in, we are there to ensure they remain happy in their homes and feel part of the Tomes Homes Family.

This is the most important step towards ensuring that our properties are cared for properly, as a happy tenant will look after your property as if it were their own home.​


Maintenance can be a main area of concern for tenant and landlord alike. For this, we have in place a tenant management system that enables us to receive instant notifications when a tenant experiences a problem, meaning we can resolve this for them as soon as possible and they are able to receive real-time updates and be reassured that their issue is being dealt with.

Legal Compliance

With our years of experience managing properties, we are able to ensure that you are remaining legally compliant in all areas. And if we ever need a little extra knowledge to confirm anything, then we have easy access to our own legal support through the NRLA to get that professional advice on your behalf whenever it’s required.

Investment Optimisation

Rent Collection and Arrears Management

Keeping on top of tenant rents can be a fiddly business, which is why we have a comprehensive arrears management process to ensure that all rents have always been received on the day they were expected. This means we can immediately see if a rent hasn’t come in and get straight on the phone to the tenant to make sure everything is all right.

Accounts Management & Tax Compliance

With our in-house bookkeeping team, we look after all of the accounts for you, so that at the end of the year the hard work has already been done and your accountant will have all of the information they need to keep you compliant.



Getting accurate reports on your portfolio performance is imperative. Which is why we have created a bespoke portfolio management accounts dashboard which we provide for you every month. This is designed to provide Clear performance metrics and KPI’s so that this report is in a format that is easy for you to understand and. With these in place we can access the data we need to adapt and optimise the portfolio to achieve top investment performance.

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